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02-Feb-2018 23:03

Older people such as myself sometimes wait to be invited.

If I waiteduntil I was invited to go the places I've been, I suspect I'd still be waiting.

I've looked into group discussions, hobbies and so on, but I feel old as they're all so young. I live in the DC area, and have yet to have run across ANY groups established to help ANY age group meet each other. No doubt they are out there, and just don't advertise in a manner that I have happened across. i'm not a joiner, and I think the last group I would ever want to join is a bunch of lonely hearts on the make, so I don't have much of a perspective on the singles group thing. remember that there are lots of men out there who think the confidence and experience as well as lack of pretentiousness and materialism that often comes with being over 50 is pretty darn (very) attractive. LOL (here, you need to subtract 10.a woman hits 40 - 45..done!

)Zippy: I've noticed the same thing, in Meetup for every 3 groups with an age range of 30 - 50, there may be one 50 .

I'm not a joiner so can't speak to the age ranges in local groups.

:-(OP, Don't be too quick to rule out senior dating or activity groups.

My local library hosts coffee and conversation sessions for the over 50 crowd every two weeks for 1.5 hours.

These are attended by people of both sexes who are married, divorced, widowed and, in my case, single.

So, if you're over 50 do you feel like you've become invisible?

Awww Zippy you are so beautiful that I think you would be an asset to any group, so are you sure you were as out of place as what you felt?

They are proliferating as they morph to meet the needs of healthy, active boomers; some accept members as young as 50.

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