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Retrain the brain Eight outstanding athletes join Hall of Fame Delaware stadium takes a pass on grass Women's postseason tips off at home Muir named to USA Basketball Board of Directors Field hockey wins conference championship for 2009 Former Blue Hens score national lacrosse honors Club rugby team celebrates undefeated fall season Teacher of Year inspires passion, excellence Financial strategy is analyst's stock in trade In Hollywood, two Hens better than one Stone Weeks Support for women with breast cancer Between the covers Shaping ocean policy King family creates tribute 1932 alumna turns 100 Art adorns Baghdad Arnie's biggest fan becomes a friend Help for those seeking the American dream Senior player serves up a silver medal UDAA supports talented students Regional clubs provide sense of community Strategic plan focuses on values and vision Contest winners claim their prizes Club activities heat up even in winter Directory helps classmates stay connected Alumni Bulletin Board If you’re looking for New Jersey’s newest governor on Saturdays this fall, you might want to look in an unexpected place—one of the boxes near the field at Delaware Stadium. Christie, his wife, Mary Pat, BE ’85, and friends have held season tickets and cheered on Blue Hen football teams for more than 20 years.

Christie, AS ’84, was lauded as the quintessential Jersey guy as the Republican successfully ran for the governor’s seat last November. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 700,000 voters, Christie became the Garden State’s first elected Republican chief executive since Gov. And even though Christie celebrated with a Jersey-themed inauguration, his roots to the First State also run deep. Attorney for seven years, he surrounded himself with Delaware memorabilia: his diploma decorated his office, along with a bobble-head doll of football coach K. Keeler and a framed photo of himself and three of his children at the 2003 NCAA Division I-AA Football Championship game. Christie came to Delaware in the fall of 1980, politically aware and active after serving as class president all four years at Livingston High School and volunteering in the unsuccessful 1977 campaign of future New Jersey Republican Gov. Christie turned 18 shortly after arriving in Newark.

'” By the time they did seek professional help it was too late.

She and Norman had already started what she insists was a platonic affair.

Foster, who continued the remarkable string of class presidencies by winning the following spring, married Christie in March 1986.

After graduation, Christie returned to New Jersey for a law degree at Seton Hall University and then a job at a law firm. Christie overcame initial skepticism during the next seven years, as his office cut a path through corruption in New Jersey.

Campaigning kept him from going to any games last fall for the first time in 22 years, he says, but this year will be different.

“There are a lot of great memories that involved my entire family there,” Christie says of UD.

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“He did not agree with many of my interpretations or with those of several others in the class,” Magee wrote in an email, “but his responses were sophisticated and respectful of views that differed from his own (quite unlike much of the nonsense that passes for political discourse today).” Christie got involved in student government, helping his friend Rick Mroz win the class presidency in 1981.

These attacked Christie on everything from his driving record to lucrative legal monitoring contracts given to associates.

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