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15-Mar-2018 21:56

If you do get into an unregulated tuk tuk, remember to negotiate the price before getting in, and if you’re travelling in a metered one, make sure that the driver starts the meter before the drive begins.

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Even pretending to talk to someone on the phone might help, if you have no one to call.In Sri Lanka, tuk tuks roaming the streets is as common as mosquitoes and temperatures over twenty-five degrees.A lot of the tuk tuks patrolling the streets are privately owned, unregulated vehicles, and you’ll do yourself a favour by not getting into one of those.For travellers going to destinations outside Colombo, where all the tuk tuks are unmetered , don’t hop into the ones waiting at bus and/or train stations — getting one from a little further ahead will give you a much better price.

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If you are ever worried or feel unsafe, it is smart to have your phone with you so that you can call someone and let them know where you are going and which landmarks you are passing by.

Editor’s note: Elina Sundqvist is a journalist intern from Sweden, who recently spent time traveling and working in Sri Lanka.