Ramona dating singles

13-Oct-2017 16:39

After accidentally painting Hobart's 1996 Range Rover multiple colors, she retires. Quimby accidentally gives her a raw egg in her lunch, and after cracking the egg on her head, gets it in her hair. Meacham tries to take the raw egg out of her hair, but most of it remains stuck in her hair.

In their prayers, they say that Picky-Picky will always be with them. While touching up the garden, Ramona reluctantly helps and grabs the water hose.While doing this, she accidentally squirts Hobart, who is next door with his family in their backyard.Hobart, believing (Ramona and Beatrice's Aunt) Bea had purposely shot him with the water hose, retaliates by tossing a bucket of water on Bea, and a water fight ensues between both neighbors.Beezus (Selena Gomez), Ramona's sister, sees Henry Huggins (Hutch Dano), the paper boy.

She accidentally spits lemonade in his face because a fly lands in her glass.Ramona interrupts Beezus on the phone with Henry, so Beezus yells at Ramona for always being a little pest and ruining her love life.