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24-Sep-2017 07:28

Later Brainiac 5 created a permanent antidote, based on Saturn Girl's serum, with the addition of Kryptonite. After suffering from lead poisoning Valor goes to Earth, where he has amnesia and fell under the control of gambling boss Mr. Gamboli sent Valor calling him "Champion" to attack Superboy.

Mon-El returned masquerading as Marvel Lad, he was admitted to the Legion after inventing anti-gravity Element 152 and defeating a creature called a sun-eater. Babbage then located Valor and Lar regained his memory.

Clark found out that unlike Kryptonite poisoning, lead poisoning could not be reversed.

He is confused after a thousand years of sensory deprivation as to who put him there.

Realising he recognises the "S" symbol on Supergirl's chest, Brainiac 5 manipulates him into fighting her.

After the events of Zero Hour, a new timeline was created in which the Legion existed on Earth-247. They returned to the 20th Century and secured Superboy's help to rescue Valor.

In this timeline, Lar Gand's as Valor in the 20th century history was kept intact which including his membership in L. They brought Superboy back to the 30th century with them.Mon-El's origin story and costume closely resemble Halk Kar's.

If you’re struggling with this, here’s a short list to help you go from a casual date to a serious mate (so lame, I know).… continue reading »

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In truth, she always thought she’d settle here, but she and Mumford live in West London because it’s easier to get from there to the farmhouse they own in Devon. “No,” Mulligan replies with a smile, “Rambo as in Sylvester Stallone.”)“I like waking up in the morning and putting on whatever’s by the side of my bed, and putting on Wellington boots and walking up a steep hill. “When you’re working, everything’s so busy and so aesthetic.… continue reading »

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It offers members a platform to meet like-minded individuals and have loads of fun in the process. Thousands of sexy locals call Red Hot Dateline every day to talk, chat, date or hook up.… continue reading »

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